• Juni 7, 2024

The Spill Board Game Ulasan Review

The Spill Overview
The Spill is a cooperative crisis management game for 1 to 4 players. An oil rig has had a major accident and is spilling into the ocean unchecked. The marine life are in danger, and it’s up to you to rescue the animals and stem the flow of oil.

The Spill doesn’t stray far from the roots of other crisis management games, but it does feature a few interesting aspects that make it stand out. One is an oil rig dice tower that dictates how and where the oil dice fall.

It’s an exceptionally simple game, but also very challenging. The tide of oil is unrepentant and unforgiving, and the weather itself is a neutral entity. Maybe one day the wind favors you, while another day storms batter your ships https://tiendasdeconveniencia.org/ and slow you down.

Win conditions are fluid thanks to the variety of goal cards that you can swap between games. You lose if too much oil spills into the ocean resulting in 6 or more spill-outs, or if too much of the marine life is sent to the sick bay. No matter what your goal card says, containing the oil and rescuing animals is always the top priority.

The Spill is a great-looking game with a strong table presence. The centerpiece of which is the oil rig dice tower. Assembling the tower and the perimeter walls is easy enough, but it does take some time. None of it fits back into the box assembled, so it can be somewhat of a pain to set up and put away.

The tower works as a great randomizer by dropping dice into four different quadrants, and it looks pretty cool when fully set up on the board. The stickers are a bit oversized though, which is weird. You could probably trim them down with scissors if it bothers you, however.

The board itself is sturdy and looks great, especially with all the colorful cardboard animal tokens set up. The bright board and animals provide a stark contrast with the murky oil dice, and that’s nice.

The game comes with 8 characters, each with its own character card and ship token. Each ship token is unique, which is a pleasant touch. I’m impressed because almost every four-player co-op game I’ve played has included exactly four characters, it was a nice surprise to find that The Spill had double that number.